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…Where we strive to develop Healthier Alternatives to Soil and Crop Management Worldwide using Only Biological and Sustainable Practices.  In the past saving money became more important than maintaining Sustainable Agriculture.  Synthetic Fertilizers and Pest Control agents have inundated our drinking water, and diminished the soils ability to provide nutrients to the plants.  Think of that for a second…. We destroyed the soils ability to provide nutrients to the plant in our efforts to provide nutrients to the plant.  How is that possible?  We killed the Soils Biological Population.  Without them the nutrients are useless.

“Discover how Beneficial Biology can Increase Nutrient Uptake for EVERY type of Plant”

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“Don’t Let This Happen To You”

Tree on a Lamb

Soil Compaction is the leading cause of poorly rooted trees, leaving them vulnerable to high winds.

Organic Input Material

XLN-Tea Brand Vermi-Cast Tea is Registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture as an Orgainic Input Material.

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